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The most important events in commerce, media, and society and the corresponding conversations happening on Twitter, summarized to include only the most relevant highlights.

A summary of the summaries, if you like. My aim is to provide a condensed version of topics that matter for those who want to be in the know but don’t have the time to commit hours going through newsletters and tweets.

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Each edition will have a couple of bullets on the most important topics, followed by the most interesting tweets and threads I have encountered from the week. If there are any other interesting or fascinating finds that catch my attention, I will include those too. Last but not least, there may be the occasional personal announcement, related to the work I do.

Who am I?

My name is Marin Gerov and I follow topics such as tech, media, and commerce which helps me be an effective operator, especially when it comes to building my company DULO. As a co-founder of a startup, I believe it is important to have my finger on the pulse of what is going on in tech, media, and commerce, so I can make the right decision for my business.

I decided to start this newsletter after realizing how much time it takes me each day to read through newsletters and tweets. In addition, a few friends have indicated that they enjoy me briefing them on the topics of tech, media, and commerce.

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